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2015 Ohio State Championship License Plate Campaign
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This note is going to sound harsh and critical of the Ohio State Alumni Association.  Please know that many officers of the Middle Tennessee Club have worked with AA staff for over 20 years and have always found them to be knowledgeable and helpful in every way.  Also know that the Middle Tennessee Club raises and awards through the University $8-9,000 each year as Scholarship Funds for Middle Tennessee kids at Ohio State.

We are working for an earmarked Ohio State license plate that will generate $20-30,000 in Scholarship funds for kids state-wide  forever.  The AA staff working with us on the license plate has not been helpful.   They are very quid-pro-quo and conditional in all conversations. Any criticism in this note is not intended for the Alumni Association but for some of their inexperienced staff.  We need better help on the license plate project.

Progress2Date – As of March 15 we have about 500 of the needed 1,000 pledges for the plate. 

The challenge continues to be in reaching those Tennessee Buckeyes who have not yet learned about the License Plate Campaign.  We need your assistance to get the word out to them

We need for you to display the enclosed bumper sticker on your vehicles or pass it along to someone who will

            Bumper Sticker on car trunk

There are three large e-mail lists for Buckeyes in Tennessee that we need to reach:

            Middle Tennessee Club                             700+ emails

            Memphis Club                                              500+ emails

            Alumni Association                                  3,800 emails

Just as importantly, the Middle Tennessee Club estimates that for every Alum in the club, we have 2 other Buckeyes who are loyal Ohio State supporters because they have some strong affinity to the University – or have a grad in the family, or grew up in Ohio, or their family has always been Buckeye fans, or they lived in Columbus, or they worked for the University etc.  The bumper sticker is an important way to reach these Tennessee Buckeyes who are not on one of those three email lists. 

AND, the displayed bumper sticker is also a reminder for those who are on the e-mail lists but haven't signed up - always intended to, but put it off.  Please display the bumper sticker – it's an important and constant reminder to all Buckeyes that they need to sign up.

FWIW, here is a Press Release and Photo you can use in your local newspapers, e-newspapers, blogs and Facebook pages.  Use it as you deem effective.

July 1, 2015 – Tennessee Legislature authorizes the Ohio State plate.  We immediately set up and tested the online registration site.  We then called Alumni Association to have them send e-blasts promoting the plate.  We were assigned a new AA rep who also started July 1 who refused to help us until we had a Licensing agreement signed with the University.  We tried to explain we were not producing and selling Logo’ed material.  We were canvassing Tennessee Buckeyes to see who was willing to buy a plate when it became available.  In October, our AA rep said we were to stop all work – we didn't.  From that rocky start, things only got worse

In spring 2016, Jim Smith came aboard as the permanent AA President.  In phone conversations he was very supportive of the Tennessee plate and related that he had worked on the Atlanta Falcons plate.  He said we didn't need a licensing agreement for now, and we could immediately get AA E-blasts to the AA 3,800 Tennessee Buckeyes.  We could not get our AA rep to budge.

 We finished the year June 30 with only the Memphis and Middle Tennessee and Chattanooga Clubs notifying their email lists that a plate campaign was underway.  The AA rep did not help us at all for the entire year.

 July 1, 2016 – Again we asked several times for the AA to mail a license plate postcard and to send several emails to their list of 3,800 Tennessee Buckeyes.  It was crucial to do this before the football season started.  It was also crucial to include a picture of the license plate to catch the recipients eye.  I myself get 8-10 Ohio State e-mails every month and I must confess they only get a cursory glance if they don't have a  shows toping graphic.

The AA did finally send a postcard to the 3,800 Tennessee Alums on Oct 31, 2016.  They also sent e-blasts to the 3,800 on Nov 16, 2016 and Dec 19, 2016  (almost a year and a half after we started).  You will notice that the emails and postcard do not have a picture of the Tennessee Ohio State license plate.  Nor did they point the reader to the capp.org site.

The State of Ohio has an Ohio State plate with the 'Athletic' logo, and the AA has promoted it.  As we understand it, the logo is slightly modified from the official Athletic Logo and this allows its use in special cases.  The Ohio plate is a special case and we think the Tennessee plate is a special case too.

In July 2016, one of Jim Smith’s managers announced a new AA program to move all club web sites onto the AA server at the University.  Middle Tennessee piled on and got our web site moved in short order.  However, the AA then set up a separate Pledge Registration Site and does not use a picture of the license plate anywhere on the AA housed web site.

 The AA also wanted capp.org domain name turned over to the AA.  capp.org does not belong to the Middle Tennessee Club so it is not the club's property to give away.  However, once the Tennessee Ohio State license plate gets into production, all Ohio State references at capp.org will immediately be removed.  This has been  related to the AA  many times.


 The Production plate will display the web site osutn.net in place of capp.org – that one-page web site will explain to the car behind  you how they can go get their own Ohio State license plate today at their county office.  It will also have links to the Alumni Association and  to the Tennessee Ohio State Clubs.

How you can help – If you are a Presidents Club member, or sit on one of the President’s Councils, we would ask that you work through your contacts at the University to encourage the AA to fully assist the Tennessee license plate campaign.  We really need for you to do this…… and for you to display the bumper sticker.

Thanks for helping us & OH-

             Sam Huffman   BSIE ‘64



NOTE: The plate design above  is NOT yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registrations nor by The Ohio State  University.  This may not be the final license plate design, but it serves as a working example for our promotional campaign.

Last Revised  April 10, 2017